Monday, June 6, 2011

Back on the blogspot.

Oh how a lot can happen in a year!

New interview on Pages..

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Jaime Lee gold lace swarovski encrusted dress

Jaime Lee silk gorgette and lace pollination beaded dress
photos: Thom Kerr

Backstage at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in Sydney
Photo by Thom Kerr

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just some pretty snaps for you viewing pleasure...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Its been a while. Things are busy busy organising production etc.
Lots of exciting things coming up...

Harpers Bazaar shot my colourful cape, but I will hold my excitement until I see it in print as I've come to learn these things can change in an instant. And if you've seen The September Issue you'll get what I mean.

My tom fords arrived (finally) I love them I'm never taking them off. I also have a new edition to my face much to my mothers disgust...sorry mum

no cattle jokes please

umm what else. My hair is getting more oranger and now I'm getting called Gillard everywhere I go.

^I keep forgetting to post my finished carebear leg^

I was pretty awe struck when I was walking the other day. The sky was blue and pink
which reflected on the water. My phone didn't really do it justice but it was definitely the highlight of my day.

And now for some eye candy....

^ rainbow pancakes^

I've always said if I won lotto I wouldn't even buy a new car but seeing this purple pastel love bug I'm thinking differently.

And I would drive it to a diner and have milkshakes where the waitresses get around on roller skates. And they would probably bust out in some ridiculous musical theatre number.

^legally blonde much?^


I should be living on this street

^ ohhh what I could do with a space like this^

Is it just me or is any one else fascinated with other people's studios or creative spaces??
I can't get enough.

When mine doesn't look like a bunch of show bags have exploded I will post some snaps.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blahh day so here's some pretty things to look at...

Does anyone actually read this???